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Pottery Specialist

Charlotte Britton MA (Hons) MA ACIfA

Charlotte is a Pottery Specialist focused on the identification and interpretation of ceramics found in Britain dating from the medieval period onward.

Charlotte is an experienced post-excavation archaeologist who has handled a vast range of finds from archaeological sites in Britain, especially in northern England.

Charlotte's grey literature report list can be found here.


MA                  Maritime Archaeology University of Bristol 2014                

MA (Hons)     Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations University of Edinburgh 2012


Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI)


Professional Membership 

Medieval Pottery Research Group (MPRG)

Society for Clay Pipe Research (SCPR).



Britton, C. 2021. Painted Plaster. In: Ross, S. and Ross, C. Cataractonium: Establishment, Consolidation and Retreat. Volume 2. Chapter 14. Northern Archaeological Associates. p752-760.



Britton, C. 2022. Archaeological Finds: Identification and Interpretation. [PowerPoint slides] The Pendle Hill Landscape Survey. Northern Archaeological Associates (unpublished presentation).

Britton, C. 2019. Slipping away from Staffordshire. Evidence of slipware production from Leeds, West Yorkshire. Poster for Post-medieval Congress Conference (unpublished poster).

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