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Small Finds Specialist & Post-Excavation Manager

Dr Elizabeth Foulds MCIfA

Elizabeth is a small finds specialist who has worked on various types of finds from across all periods, including metalwork, worked stone, worked bone, glass, amber and jet. She also has experience writing reports on vessel glass, especially from the Roman and post-medieval periods, as well as clay pipe. Elizabeth has worked in post-excavation project management and is experienced with projects of all sizes. She is particularly adept at creating and working with relational databases, data management, and preparing digital data for archive.

Elizabeth’s research has focused on aspects of identity created through objects, especially those relating to dress and adornment, in the Iron Age and Roman periods in Britain. Her PhD thesis looked at the evidence for how glass beads were worn in Iron Age Britain and the meanings these objects conveyed within their comunity. She also teaches part-time at Durham University in the Department of Archaeology.





PhD      Archaeology – Durham University, 2014
MA        Archaeology (Distinction)– Durham University, 2009
BA         Anthropology – Portland State University, USA, 2008
BA         History - Portland State University, USA, 2006



A list of grey literature can be found here


Foulds, E.M. (2017) Glass Beads from Iron Age Britain: a social approach. Archaeopress: Oxford.

Journal Articles

Foulds, E.M., Francis, H. 2023. The Dragonesque Brooch from Land off Walton Road, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 95(1), 192–200.


Foulds, E.M. (2020a) ‘Lithics from west of Consett’ in Mason, D. (ed.) Archaeology County Durham 15, 67. 


Foulds, E.M. (2019) ‘The beads’ in Russell, M., Smith, M., Cheetham, P., Evans, D., Manley, H. ‘The girl with the chariot medallion: a well furnished Late Iron Age Durotrigian burial from Langton Herring, Dorset’, The Archaeological Journal, 176(2) DOI: 10.1080/00665983.2019.1573551

Gleba, M., Foulds, E.M., Teasdale, A., & H. Russ (2017) ‘First identification of club moss use in Roman Britain’, Archaeological Textile Review 59, 17–23.

Foulds, E.M. (2014) An Exciting New Iron Age Glass Bead from London. Later Prehistoric Finds Group Newsletter 4, 7–8.

Book Chapters

Foulds, E.M. (2020b) ‘Metalwork’ in Moore, T.H. A Biography of Power: Bagendon ‘oppidum’, Oxford: Archaeopress, 275–286.

Foulds, E.M., Shepherd, J., Shaffrey, R., Green, C., Poole, C., Moore, T., Foulds, F. (2020c) ‘Miscellaneous materials’ in Moore, T.H. A Biography of Power: Bagendon ‘oppidum’, Oxford: Archaeopress, 331–346.

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Croom, A., Foulds, E.M., Brickstock, R. (2019b) 'Grave Goods and Furniture' in Speed, G.P., Holst, M. A1 Leeming to Barton, Death, Burial and Identity, 3,000 years of death in the Vale of Mowbray. Northern Archaeological Associates Monograph Series 4, 504–61.

Foulds, E.M. (2014a) Personal Adornment in Iron Age Britain: the case of the missing glass beads. In Stoddart, S., and C. Popa, (2014) Fingerprinting the Iron Age: approaches to identity in the European Iron Age, integrating South-Eastern Europe into the debate, Oxford: Oxbow, 223–238.

Foulds, E.M. (2014c). The Caerau Glass Bead (CH13, SF13 (4025)), in Davis, O. & N. Sharples, 2014. Excavations at Caerau Hillfort, Cardiff, South Wales, 2014. An interim report. Cardiff Studies in Archaeology no. 35, 54–55.

Short Guides

Foulds, E.M. (forthcoming) An Introduction to Small Finds Identification. BAJR Practical Guide Series.

Foulds, E.M. (2017c) A Short Guide to Iron Age Glass Beads from Britain. Later Prehistoric Finds Group Object Datasheet No 4.

Book Reviews

Foulds, E.M. (2022) Review: Objects of the Past in the Past. Investigating the significance of earlier artefacts in later contexts, The Archaeological Journal 179(2), 472–473.

Foulds, E.M. (2020e) Review: Personal Ornaments in Prehistory: an exploration of body augmentation from the Palaeolithic to the Early Bronze Age, The Archaeological Journal 177(2), 476–477.

Foulds, E.M. (2018) Review: Iconic Costumes: Scandinavian Late Iron Age Costume Iconography by Ulla Mannering, The Archaeological Journal 175(2), 399–400.

Foulds, E.M. (2015) Review: Romano-British round houses to medieval parish: excavations at 10 Gresham Street, City of London, 1999-2002. Glass News 39, 15–6.

Schech, E. M. (2010a) Review: Patterns of Quern Production, Acquisition and Deposition: a corpus of beehive querns from Northern Yorkshire and Southern Durham. The Archaeological Journal 167, 237–8.

Schech, E. (2010b) Review: Textile Production in Pre-Roman Italy by Margarita Gleba. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 25.1, 183–5.

Miscellaneous Reports

Foulds, E.M. (2019c) Treasure report on a Bronze Age hoard. Portable Antiquities Scheme: DUR-F9B0D6.

Foulds, E.M. (2017b) Treasure report on the finds from the Iron Age burial in East Yorkshire. Portable Antiquities Scheme: YORYM-B4FC9A.

Foulds, E.M., Matias, J.Z., Lebrasseur, O. (2014d) New Light on Old Sites: a geophysical survey at the Iron Age Site at Swallowcliffe Down, Wiltshire, Report no. 1.

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