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Post-Excavation Archaeologist

Emma Tong BA MSc

Emma is a Post-Excavation Archaeologist who has experience in environmental archaeology. Emma has worked on both university based research projects and in the commercial sector. 

Emma’s research has focused on reconstructing the different uses of medieval ponds using archaeobotanical and fish remains. Emma’s research has also focused on the shell middens along the coastline of Northern Spain, using shell and other marine species to reconstruct the palaeodiet and palaeoecology of these sites. Emma has worked on material from sites in the UK, Spain and Saudi Arabia.    


MSc                Coastal and Marine Archaeology - The University of York, 2012

BA                   Archaeology - The University of York, 2011  


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Gutiérrez-Zugasti, I., Tong, E., García-Escárzaga, A., Cuenca-Solana, D., Bailey, G N., González-Morales, MR. (2016). Collection and consumption of echinoderms and crustaceans at the Mesolithic shell midden site of El Mazo (northern Iberia): Opportunistic behaviour or social strategy? Quaternary International, 407, 118-130.


Radini, A., Tong, E., and Von Terch, M. (2017). Analysis of pottery samples from Must Farm Pile-dwelling (MUS 06 & 15). Assessment of Potential of Microfossils in Food Crusts. Report, Department of Archaeology, The University of York.

Tong, E and Radini, A. (2017). Microscopic Analysis of Dental Calculus (Pre-Viking York). Department of Archaeology, The University of York.

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