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What do we need to provide a quote?


For us to provide a quote for sample processing we need to know how many samples you have and the volume of those samples. Standard sample buckets are 10 litres (pictured).


We can quote for assessment for most materials based on count and/or weight. It is also useful if you can include the number of contexts from which the assemblage has been recovered.

It is helpful is you can let us know when you need the report by.


For us to provide a quote for analysis work we need count and/or weight and, ideally, a copy of the assessment report, if available.



For us to provide a quote for finds processing we need to know or be able to estimate quantities by material type. If quantification isn't available, we can usually provide a quote from photos.


Please let us know the total number of illustrations required by type along with any record photos for small finds.

For example: 3 Roman brooches, 25 prehistoric pottery sherds (one is a complete vessel) and 50 roman pottery sherds.

Other services

We are happy to advise and provide quotation and information for any of our services or post-excavation queries.

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