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Hannah is an experienced Zooarchaeologist and Project Manager. She has lead large and small post-excavation projects from initial client contact through to publication and archive.

Hannah's research has focused on fish and fishing in the past, particularly looking at past human diet, site formation processes and environmental reconstruction. She has worked on material from sites in the UK, Spain, Italy, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, including five UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Publications and more can be found here.

David is a Roman pottery specialist with excellent project management skills. He has extensive experience in post-excavation work having worked on major projects in Pompeii and Vagnari Roman Imperial Estate in Italy, and large infrastructure and development projects with significant Roman archaeology in the UK.

David's research has focused on the use, impact and economy of artificial light during the Roman period. His work on Roman ceramics provides dating evidence, information about trade networks and site function.  

Publications and more can be found here.

Elizabeth is a small finds specialist who has worked on various types of finds from across all periods. She has extensive experience writing small finds reports and text for archaeological publication, and she has written Treasure reports. Elizabeth has worked in post-excavation project management and is experienced with projects of all sizes. She is particularly adept at creating and working with relational databases, data management, and preparing digital data for archive.

Elizabeth’s research has focused on aspects of identity created through objects, especially those relating to dress and adornment, in the Iron Age and Roman periods in Britain.

Freddie is a lithic specialist who has worked on various stone tool assemblages dating from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Bronze Age in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. He also has extensive publications management experience. He acted as the editor for Lithics, the journal of the Lithic Studies Society, for two years and was an assistant editor for the European Journal of Archaeology. He has published multiple research papers and has been the editor for a number of archaeological monographs.


Freddie’s research has examined individual idiosyncrasies in knapping strategies, battering damage on lithic tools, lithic symmetry, and cave art. He has worked on archaeological sites in the British Isles, Europe and the Middle East.

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