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Dr David Griffiths

Roman pottery specialist and Director



PhD                   Roman Archaeology - University of Leicester, 2016

MA                     Archaeology - University of Bradford, 2006

BSc (Hons)           Archaeology - University of Bradford, 2004

Grants and Awards

2013 - $12000 Boise State University Start-up grant: Pompeii Post-excavation Project

2011 - £3500 Nottingham Trent University – RAE Fund, Pompeian Pottery Analysis

2010 - £2000 Nottingham Trent University – RAE Fund, Pompeian Pottery Analysis

2009 - £2000 Roman Research Trust, Pottery from Slack Roman Fort and Vicus 

Professional Membership

Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies

Study Group for Roman Pottery

Roman Finds Group


Speed, G. P., J. A. Teasdale and D. G. Griffiths (2019) Chapter 3. Bainesse Cemetery and Surrounding Area. In Speed, G. P. and M. Holst. Death, Burial and Identity: 3000 Years of Death in the Vale of Mowbray. NAA Monograph Series Volume 4. Barnard Castle: Northern Archaeological Associates.


Griffiths, D. G. (2018) Household Consumption of Artificial Light at Pompeii. In Papadopoulos, C. and G. Earl (eds) Oxford Handbook of Light in Archaeology. Oxford: Oxbow.


Griffiths, D. G. (2015) The Roman Pottery (1968-9 and 2007-8). In Hobson, B., Clay, G. and G. Brown. The Romans in Huddersfield – A New Assessment. British Archaeological Reports 620.


Griffiths, D. G. (2014) Licht ins Dunkle bringen: Künstliche Beleuchtung in Pompeji. Antike Welt 1: 10- 14.


Cool, H. E. M., R. White, D. G. Griffiths, S. Linnane, A. Bliss, and K. Pretty (2014) The small finds from the Baths Basilica Wroxeter: a digital resource. Archaeology Data Service.


In press and forthcoming

Griffiths, D. G. In press. Commercialization of the Night at Pompeii. In Veal, R. and V. Leitch (eds) Fuel and Fire in the Roman World. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Series.


Wood, P. and D. G. Griffiths Forthcoming (2020) Roman land division and probably villa in the hinterland of Deva. Excavation at Saighton Army Camp, Huntington. Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society: XX.


Griffiths, D. G., G. Forster and J. McKenzie-Clark (eds) Forthcoming (2020) An Urban Community at Pompeii. Research on Insula VI.1 by the Anglo- American Project in Pompeii: The House of the Surgeon. Monographs of the Oxford University, School of Archaeology.


Technical Reports (selected)

2018 - The Romano-British Pottery and Kiln at Carkin Moor, North Yorkshire, NAA

2017 - The Romano-British Pottery, Thorpe Park, Leeds, NAA

2016 - Mortaria and amphorae, A1L2B, NAA

2016 - The Romano-British Pottery, Newcastle Trunk Main, NAA

2015 - The Romano-British Pottery, Crawhall Road, NAA

2015 - The Romano-British Pottery, Saighton Camp, NAA

2015 - Roman Building Material (Assessment), Saighton Camp, NAA

2015 - The Medieval Pottery, Middlehaven Urban Park, NAA

2015 - Ceramic Building Material, Green Lane, Yarm, NAA

2015 - The Romano-British Pottery, Fraisthorpe Farm, CFA Archaeology

2014 - The Pottery: an Assessment, Sandall Stones Road, ArcHeritage

2014 - A Roman Oil Lamp from Heslington East, York, University of York

2013 - The Pottery, Vagnari Vicus Project, University of Sheffield

2013 - The Pottery, Vagnari Cemetery Project, McMaster University, Canada

2012 - Waterdale Ceramic Oil Lamps, York Archaeological Trust

2012 - The Pottery, Vagnari Vicus Project, University of Sheffield

2012 - The Pottery, Vagnari Cemetery Project, McMaster University, Canada

2011 - Broomholm Roman Fort Pottery Report, The Archaeological Practice, Newcastle

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